Sky Beach Club visiting rules

1.  Before acquiring the entrance ticket, please, attentively read the Rules of our Club. By paying entrance to «SkyBeachClub», you confirm that you have studied and agreed with the Public Contract for Rendering Services of «SkyBeachClub» and with these rules of visit and use of water attractions, pools (hereinafter referred to as the Rules) and undertake to observe them. Non-studying these Rules does not exempt you from liability for their violation.

2.  Please, follow the rules of personal hygiene. Guests have to take a shower before entering a pool, and after each visit to a sauna.

3.  It is allowed to swim in the pools only in swimwear. Small children have to be dressed in special diapers.

4.  It is allowed to enter the territory of basins only wearing replaceable special footwear.

5.  Responsibility for safety and behavior of Visitors under 16 is born by the adults accompanying them. Responsibility for safety and behavior of Visitors from 16 to 18 is born by their lawful representatives who provided them a written notarized consent to their visit to «SkyBeachClub».

6.  Visit to «SkyBeachClub» by children in a group:

1)For visitors aged up to 9, there is a requirement of presence of one adult accompanying person for each 5 children;

2)For visitors aged from 9 to 16, there is a requirement of presence of one adult accompanying person for each 10 children.

7.  Visitors of «SkyBeachClub» with height under 150 cm are obliged to wear swimmies or life vests while being in a pool.

8.  It is forbidden to dive into the pool, to hold your breath under water, to drink water from the pool, to somersault from a pool side, to stand on shoulders of another Visitor, to hold someone under water.

9.  It is forbidden to run in the territory of «SkyBeachClub», to jump in water from running start, to fight, to climb on stones, to shout loudly, to behave indecently, to use offensive language and other words offending the honor and dignity of other Visitors.

10.  Visitors not able to swim have to be accompanied at an arm's length by an adult Visitor able to swim while they are in water.

11.  The Administration of «SkyBeachClub» bears no responsibility for injuries and other damages received by a Visitor owing to non-performance or inadequate performance of the requirements of the Public Contract and (or) the Rules by him/her.

12.  The Administration of «SkyBeachClub» strongly recommends pregnant women, persons with heart diseases, persons with hypersensibility to chlorinated water, persons being in a state of intoxication, and persons who recently suffered injuries, to refrain from visiting water attractions.

13.  Visitors are obliged to inform «SkyBeachClub» about chronic diseases, allergies and other diseases which can affect their health during their visit to «SkyBeachClub».

14.  The Administration of «SkyBeachClub» has the right to refuse provision of services to persons having infectious, acute viral, fungus diseases, persons having open wounds and any other diseases which can cause negative consequences.

15.  Pools are controlled by rescuers. Visitors are obliged to follow the instructions of rescuers.

16.  The Administration of «SkyBeachClub» has the right to remove Visitors, not observing the conditions of the Public Contract and (or) the Rules of «SkyBeachClub», from its territory without returning the visit costs.

17.  The Administration of «SkyBeachClub» bears no responsibility for belongings of Visitors left and (or) lost in the territory of «SkyBeachClub». It is necessary to leave valuable things in a special luggage office in locker rooms.

18.  Visitors are forbidden to bring the following with themselves to the territory of «SkyBeachClub»: animals, audio equipment and other sources of noise, all types of weapons and individual protection equipment, bladed objects, explosive, flammable, poisoning, strong smelling substances, objects made from glass and other fragile objects.

19.  The Administration of «SkyBeachClub» reserves the right to change the periods of visit to «SkyBeachClub», the list of the offered services and the procedure of their provision unilaterally, without prior notice of Visitors.

20.  Working hours of «SkyBeachClub» - daily from 10:00 to 21:00 Nur-Sultan time.